Baby, Mario Kart and N’awlins!

I must apologize for the lack of posts in the past month or so, life happens! :) Yup, so I’m 21 weeks pregnant. We found out we’re having a boy last week and naturally, I have started shopping. Teehee. After looking through about 100 different baby mobiles on various websites, I’ve decided to make my own – It’s going to be Mario Kart themed! I just got my little Mario and Luigi plush dolls today but I’m still waiting on the rest of them. I’ll be posting pictures of that project soon.

Oh so, we went to New Orleans for a week in December. The trip was my birthday gift from Eric and it was my first time going there.  I loved the artists at Jackson square and how everywhere we’d go we would hear live music. So awesome. :) We went on two of Bloody Mary’s tours which were both really informative and freaky at the same time. I highly recommend taking one of her tours if you ever go to N’awlins!

We made VooDoo dolls on Bloody Mary’s Ghost Tour!
The Louis Armstrong park reopened while we were there!

random street band – we saw many of these!

piano that was found after Katrina that belonged to Fats Domino

We visited two of the cemeteries – it was super creepy  how vandalized some of the tombs were and how much weird VooDoo stuff going on. :O

I got this painting from an artist named Cary Chun Lee – it was so cute I couldn’t resist! It doesn’t get more awesome than a black cat eating a beignet. Hehe :)

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