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Free Printable Halloween Cupcake Toppers!

Printable cupcake toppers are a really neat way to liven up any batch of cupcakes – whether they are for a birthday or other celebration, or just because! I recently made a set of these for my nieces going off to college party. I used photos of friends/family and had her friends give me funny quotes and inside jokes to use on them. They were an instant hit! :)

I created a set of Halloween toppers for you to download and use! Since the design work is already done for you, all you need to do is print and assemble. Simple as can be! You can download my free Halloween toppers here!

My fake cupcakes!

My craft project this week was trying to make fake cupcake photo holder/ornaments. I checked out a few different tuts and decided to tryย one thatย  I found on Instructables.ย I was pretty happy with the results until a few days later. I noticed the cupcakes were changing shape and the frosting collapsed on itself. Huh. Weird, right?
Poor crumbled cuppys!
The bottoms got all lumpy and I ended up throwing them all out. :(
I’m guessing it’s because the tutorial has you making the entire cupcake out of expansion foam. I think too much air got into mine but maybe with more practice this could work. You would probably just have to shake the can a a lot in between cupcakes to make sure you’re not just shooting air into it. So, one can of expansion foam and about 2 dozen crappy looking cupcakes later, I decided to try a different tutorial. I found this one by Sugar & Meringue. She used Plaster of Paris for the cupcake base and styrofoam balls for the cupcake tops. I tried it and it worked great! The only downside with using the plaster is they are too heavy to make into ornaments. (unless maybe you make mini ones)

This was driving me nuts!
I would put my cupcake liners inside the pan and part of it would bend like this.. I’d end up having to grab another liner and trying it again! Grrr. I don’t get why this kept happening, but yeah, super annoying.
You can get the styrofoam balls at the dollar store for really cheap! (Micheals has them but they are a bit pricier there – so if you decide to get them here don’t forget your 50% OFF coupon!) You simply cut them in half and hot glue them onto the plaster in your cupcake bottom. I went around the edges with hot glue to seal it a little better.
The tutorial says to cover your styrofoam cupcake top with a layer of paper clay but I skipped that part and went straight to frosting it. I don’t think it’s really necessary unless you want part of the “cake” to show. I pretty much just covered the entire thing in “frosting”. So, now onto the fun part! You will need some lightweight spackling and paint color of your choice.. I used blue because I thought it would go well with my leopard print pink cuppys.
I got the spackling and paint at Wal-Mart for cheap. You want to make sure to get the lightweight stuff.
After you mix up your spackling & paint, place it inside of a disposable pastry bag and pipe on the cupcake however you like. I don’t really have much experience icing cupcakes so after I piped it on I ended up using a rubber spatula to smooth it since it looked funny, hehe.
Munchie was not pleased..

You can use beads, stickers and glitter to decorate!

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