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OMG! I’ve updated my blog!

I know I haven’t updated my blog in MONTHS but after a long hiatus –  I AM BACK! I’m excited to start posting my art projects and getting the artist interviews going again. It’s been very challenging finding time to blog in between full time work and taking care of Ethan. I’m going to make a goal to update a few times a week even it’s just a short entries. :)

I’ve been wanting to share some pictures of cakes and baked goodies I’ve made in the past few months. I took cake decorating classes at Micheal’s and kind of fell in love with it. Here are a few pictures of my creations, they are nothing amazing but I’ve had a lot of fun making them (except for the Mario Mushroom cake which was a disaster end I ended up in tears but it was okay because our friends still loved it, or at least pretended to! Ha!).  I love creating things with with fondant, it’s basically like making edible art. :) Here are a few photos of my creations thus far.

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Last minute Easter Treat Ideas!

Ok, so this post is pretty late. It feels like Easter snuck up on us this year! I was looking around online for some ideas and thought I’d share some of my finds. Here are some super cute crafts you can do that are pretty cheap and easy.

You can make cute little chics by decorating some eggs with feathers, markers and colored foam.

Easter peep s’mores! You can learn how to make these here.



Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make these Mickey and Minnie candy holders out of toilet paper rolls!


Another toilet paper roll Easter craft but this one is a bunny! These are candy holders!


Adorable peep cupcakes! Just add frosting and plop a peep on top!


This is fast and easy idea to give out as gifts using your child’s handprint. :)


This one is really cool but maybe not so little kid friendly because it looks like they doodled on the eggs with a Sharpie! Eeek!


Cute bunnys made out of paper plates. :)


Chalk eggs! So neat!

Hope you guys liked these. :)

My name is Mimi and I’m a cookie addict.

My name is Mimi and I’m a cookie addict.

I was in the mood to bake this weekend so I finally got around to trying out this chocolate chip cookie recipe I found on Savory Sweet Life a while back. I remember doing a google search for “BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER” and this recipe was one of the first ones that popped up.

I can honestly say these are the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. I took some pictures of the process with my iPhone (they didn’t turn out so great but you get the idea). :) I only baked 6 of them because I knew it was dangerous to make more.. :o if you know me at all, you know I am a cookie addict. I put a cookie on a plate for Eric and one for myself.. after we both finished our cookies I asked him what he thought and he responded with “I could eat 6 more of them”. We then proceeded to have ONE more cookie and I told myself that was it for the night but the others were silently calling out to me from the kitchen.

Suffice to say, I need renew my membership at the gym ASAP. <:|

I made a little recipe card (PDF) you can print out by clicking the image above. :)

Ethan was trying to grab my cookie! :)

Thank you to Alice for the amazing recipe. :)