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Finally finished my book!

Finally finished my book!

The Little Cuties’ Alphabet book is finally complete! You can purchase a copy for your little one by checking out by clicking here. (You can also get 25% OFF your book order by using the code “HOLIDAYTHANKS“, how sweet is that?) :) I checked out some reviews on the quality of BLURB books and they look really nice. I should be getting copies of my book in about a week so I’ll post pictures so you guys can see it.

So, a lot has happened since I last updated. The biggest change is that we have finally moved and are almost completely settled into our new place! Yippy! It was starting to feel like it would never happen, but I’m very happy in our new home.

Ethan as Mickey on Halloween &  Ethan with his cousin Kristen on Thanksgiving :) 

Ethan’s had his first Halloween and Thanksgiving.. :) he’s now almost 7 months.. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by! He’s already got two little toofs on the bottom. Awwww. :*)

Hopefully in a few more weeks I can get a crafting area set up at home so I can start making things again.
My Etsy shop is empty right now and it’s really bumming me out.