Oh so cute plushies by Virginie Jolie!

I randomly stumbled upon Virginie Jolie’s instragram and fell in love with her super cute handmade plushies! She’s a busy mom of two adorable little kids and only seems to make a few at a time which sell out almost instantly! Hopefully I can snatch one of her plushies for Ethan soon. :) You can find her shop here – Virginie Jolie on Etsy.

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Random cute Valentine’s stuff.. :)

heart1. Arrow to the Heart Stud Earrings by rareindeed
Handmade earrings made from durable shrink plastic, which were hand drawn and coloured.


heart2. Box of Chocolate by MyPaperCrane
This box of chocolates if perfect for Valentine’s Day. These were sewn from a variety of fabrics, these little chocolates come packaged in a plastic heart with clear lid & red ribbon. Sooo adorably sweet!


heart3. Breaking Bad Heisenberg Valentine’s Day Card
Walt would be proud. This is just plain awesome.


heart4. Personalized Tattoo Paper Doll with Custom Message Heart Candy Card
Crankbunny cards are great! They have gotten really creative with their card designs – they are like tiny works of art!


heart5. Snapchat Barbie Art Print by Bei Badgirl
One of my favorite female artists, her style is sexy and cute and for a limited time you can get 3 different versions of her Snapchat print!

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